Outdoor Cannabis Planting

Growing cannabis outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors is certainly a trying undertaking especially if you would like to grow a superior product. Cultivating cannabis outdoors is different from growing inside and you want to take proper care to achieve a higher quality turnout.

To start out, selecting a good spot to cultivate is simply the most important detail. The ideal time to locate a suitable place is during the summer since the sun moves in the sky as spring turns to summer and after that fall. The most crucial necessities while searching for a site are quality soil as well as lots of direct sunlight. Cannabis necessitates rich, fertile soil and requires a minimum of 5 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. If you would like to grow an exceptional plant, you need to make sure that your growing area is getting sufficient sunlight.

Once you have decided on the area to grow your plants, you want to clear up the site in order to prepare the soil and then you need to combine the soil with the additives making sure to follow the information on the package. You must have good seedlings or cuttings in order to transfer the plants into your beds whenever spring arrives. It is advised to plant the seeds about one half inch deep. Keep in mind that water is necessary to grow good quality marijuana plants, and therefore they must have a good amount of water through their growing season.

Recognize any type of unwanted pests. Anytime an infestation occurs in a cannabis garden, the insect population can grow rapidly. Once the pest is recognized, many options are readily available, depending upon the variety of insect.

The time to harvest your plants hinges on a few variables.   For example, bud growth, weather, and fungus to name a few. After the plant is gathered it is time to dry it. The most reliable method to dry is by hanging it upside down in a place where there is good air supply as well as air flow. The entire drying procedure typically takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on quantity and the moisture of the place you are using to dry the plant.

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