Cannabis Growing Mistakes

Cannabis Growing Mistakes

There are some mistakes that cannabis growers can make when starting out.

The mistake most often made is simply overwatering the plants. You should water only when the first layer of the soil starts to dry out. Be sure to learn how to manage your watering time to provide enough water, while making sure that you don’t overwater and kill your plants.

When it comes to fertilizers it’s also the same as watering; don’t overdo it. A rule to remember is to never add any fertilizer when you water your cannabis plants. Start at around 25% potency and allow the plants to get more water first. Slowly increase the rate once you see that the plants can handle more fertilizer. However, don’t underfeed them or else you’ll be left with cannabis plants that are underdeveloped and unproductive.

Another common mistake that numerous amateur cannabis cultivators make is that they tend to ruin the germinating seeds. The seeds are still growing and you should allow around 10 days for the seeds to completely sprout. Be patient and don’t try to force the plant to grow.

Some cannabis strains do better outside while other strains thrive indoors. A common mistake is bringing the plants indoors too early when you are controlling growth, resulting in fragile plants with little to no buds. Learning when and how to properly bring in your plants and when to take them outdoors, along with avoiding common mistakes, can help you have a large harvest with healthy and strong cannabis plants.


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